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Back Lotion Applicator


Applying lotions and creams to your back has never been easier with the Slick Solutions Back Lotion Applicator!

- Do you have problems applying lotions or creams to your back?
- Tired of asking a friend or family member to apply lotion on your back for you?
- Sick of other lotion applicators that simply don't get the job done effectively?

Slick Solutions introduces a simple yet most effective way to apply lotion and creams to your back. Unlike most back lotion applicators, that have a pad on a stick, this application "band" will evenly spread lotions to your entire back. No more waiting for the lotion to dry. The soft velvet fabric partially absorbs the lotion which causes the lotion to rub into your skin. This gives you a more thorough and evenly spread application.

• No longer will you have to ask a family member to apply lotion to your back.
• No longer will you need to buy replacement pads for other applicators.


This back lotion applicator is all you need. When it gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine with your laundry and you are good to go.

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