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Back Support Cushion


Eliminate back pain by transforming your chair into a back support chair!

Back pain can be effectively relieved by keeping your spine in proper alignment. Ergonomically designed to fit the streamline of your spine curve, our back support cushion effectively realigns your back, hip and spine to eliminate the pain and fatigue of your lumbar and vertebra area. It gently protects and strengthens your muscles while helping you to sit straighter. It also improves your posture by keeping your spine in proper alignment and preventing slouching.

The lumbar support cushion gives relief in the lower back and avoids the pain and stress that emanate from bad posture. It can be used for car seat, chair, sofa and bed. Simply place the lumbar pillow on your chair and hold it in place with the attached elastic strap. You can also put it on the sofa while watching TV or use it as a bed rest while working on your laptop.

Our premium quality memory foam lumbar support pillow has been thoughtfully designed to provide the right comfort, support, durability and affordability. It supports your lower back to maintain healthy posture and alleviate pain or numbness from sitting.

The back support cushion is great for:

• Daily fatigue
• Poor posture
• Injuries
• Arthritis
• Bulging discs
• And lots more.

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